Live actors needed at Hampton Court Palace!

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Workshops: young actors will receive professional training and learn site-specific theatre

Workshops: young actors will receive professional training and learn site-specific theatre

Auditions to be part of Hampton Court Palace’s ‘TimeQuake’ event in May this year have got off to a flying start. The sessions involve lots of hilarious ice breakers and short storytelling exercises – no prep work required – and are designed to give young people aged 16 to 20 an amazing opportunity. The 70 who audition successfully will receive professional theatrical, and historical, training, culminating in them performing at our exciting interactive event at the palace from 23 to 31 May 2015.

We are working with the Rose Theatre Kingston, and specifically alongside the theatre’s Director of Learning & Participation, Ciaran McConville, to provide this exciting offer, which forms the learning programme associated with the ‘TimeQuake’ event.

Under Ciaran’s direction, these young people will receive vocal training from a qualified voice coach and rehearse short scripts at the theatre until they are confident they can lead a group of visitors on an exciting journey through one of the world’s great palaces. The selected ‘Time Explorers’ will gain a comprehensive knowledge of Hampton Court Palace delivered through fun and lively workshops specifically created for this opportunity.

TimeQuake: we are looking for young actors to perform at the palace

TimeQuake: young actors will perform at the palace alongside professionals

‘TimeQuake’ is not a play so much as immersive, interactive, site-specific theatre. The goal is to bring history to life in an exciting and memorable way. We need charismatic young actors who will appeal to our pre-teen participants and their families. Those selected will have access to hidden parts of the palace, and the incredible opportunity to explore 500 years of stories from Hampton Court. They will also work with some of the country’s top live interpreters – and perform within the palace to thousands of local families. The narrative of this experience has been written by Damian Dibben, author of the best-selling History Keepers series.

There’s still time for you to get involved: contact Ciaran at

Auditions are happening throughout February and early March, with the last one on March 12.

See you at the auditions!

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